IDs Released as of July 14, 2016: 41-60


Aganan Dave BSMARE 2016
Agbay Mel Jayson BSMT 2016
Agero Jese Audrey BSMARE 2016
Agnes Rose Ivy BSHRM 2016
Aguilar Nelson Jr BSMARE 2016
Agujar Shawntel BSMT 2016
Agustin Steven BSMT 2016
Alagon Richard BSMT 2016
Alarde Aljuden BSMARE 2016
Alaurin Kelvin BSMARE 2016
Albaciete Mark Joshua BSMT 2016
Albacite Romeo Jr, BSMARE 2016
Albaracin Edelito BSIT 2016
Albios Ray Mart BSCRIM 2016
Alcain James Darrel BSMT 2016
Alcala Lucena Jane BSBA 2016
Alcover Jonamae BSIT 2016
Alcover Melmarc BSCPE 2016
Aldava German AHRM 2016
Aledo Rouvel Ray BSMare 2016

IDs Released as of July 14, 2016: 21-40


Abad Arra Monica BSCA 2016
Abad Kristian BSCPE 2016
Abadilla Irene BSC 2016
Abarca Isaakmebar BSHRM 2016
Abella Jemar BSMR 2016
Abellanosa Francis Carl BSMT 2016
Abendan Jumar BSCRIM 2016
Abesia Aljon BSHRM 2016
Abing Lovely Glenn BSN 2016
Abing Jenneifer BEED 2016
Aboc Krisha Camille BEEd 2016
Abrasada Ronnalyn BSED 2016
Abrogueña Geneva May Gen Ed. 2016
Abubakar Anbaira HRDM 2016
Abucay Cristy Marie ASHRM 2016
Abuloc Arvin Clark BSMARE 2016
Abunado Lester BSMT 2016
Acenas Christopher Carl BSMT 2016
Acyapat Ma. Angelica BSMT 2016
Adolfo Niño BSMARE 2016


IDs Released as of July 14, 2016: 1-20

Achumbre Christille Eve BEED 2015
Agbay Cherry May BSN 2008
Agero Jese Audrey BSMARE 2016
Alas Ma. Nerbee BSN 2011
Alinsonorin Kent Shyrell BSEE 2016
Aluba Oliver Kent BSMT 2016
Alver Sundee Anthony BSIT 2015
Alviola Al Jay BSCRIM 2013
Amit Jonathan BEED 2016
Amonsot Gay Kimberley BSN 2016
Andriano May Ann BSBA 2016
Angtud Bonilyn BEED 2015
Anmodia Kim BSMT 2013
Anquilo William BSCA 2007
Arapoc Joanna ASHRM 2015
Arcenas Nicolas BSN 2010
Arcipe Rowena BSED 2016
Arong Ismael BSCA 2015
Augusto Candido Jr. BSCOE 2010
Ayapana Vince Niño ACT 2015

UCLMAA Supports Eterni-Tree


In our collective response to Pope Francis’ Encyclical for the Environment, the Laudato Si, particularly in mitigating climate change, and to highlight the celebration of the Philippine Environment Month and World Environment Day in June, the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) 7 is initiating the 1st Eterni-Tree, an event which allows married couples to renew their vows to each other and to God, as well as to Mother Earth.

June, being also the month which is considered to be the most favorable time to marry, the event gathered thirty married couples who renewed their vows and planted trees on June 4, 2016 in University of Cebu Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue, Mandaue City, Cebu.

This unique event encouraged the couples and stakeholders to deepen their relationships and take care of Mother Earth. The event was graced by Engr. William P. Cunado, Regional Director, EMB-7, Dr. Isabelo R. Montejo, Regional Director, DENR-7, Ms. Rechale Ybanez, EMB-7, Dr. Anna Liza B. Son, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UCLM, Dr. Mauro Allan P. Amparado, CARES Director, UCLM and Barangay Captain Cesar Y. Cabahug Jr., Barangay Looc, Mandaue City.

Deans, Directors and Program CARES Coordinators assisted the thirty couples during the tree planting. Ms. Maria Estela T. Balbuena hosted the 1st Eterni-Tree.

UCLM Vision, Mission, Institutional Goals, Core Values, UCLMAA ® Objectives and UCLMAA ® Milestones


Democratize quality education.

Be the visionary and industry leader.

Give hope and transform lives.



University of Cebu offers affordable and quality education responsive to the demands of local and international communities.

University of Cebu commits itself to:

1. Serve as an active catalyst in providing efficient and effective delivery of educational services;

2. Pursue excellence in instruction, research and community service towards social and economic development as well as environmental sustainability;

3. Acquire, disseminate and utilize appropriate technology to enhance the university’s educational services; and

4. Foster an organizational culture that nurtures employee productivity and engagement.


Institutional Goals

1. To offer programs that are relevant, holistic and compliant with institutional, regulatory, industry and accreditation standards that will develop life-long learners.

2. To develop among stakeholders social awareness, responsibility and accountability anchored on instruction, research and production.

3. To complement the academic programs with holistic and integrated student personnel services.

4. To develop a pool of qualified, professional and motivated faculty in the areas of instruction, research and community extension.

5. To ensure effective administration and supervision of instructional and learning resources in support of the academic programs.

6. To provide an environment that is safe, functional and conducive to teaching, learning and working.

7. To ensure operations which are collaborative, sustainable, efficient and effective in meeting the needs of the institution and its stakeholders.


Core Values

1. Innovation. Be the visionary and the industry leader.

2. Camaraderie. Living in the spirit of harmony and approachability.

3. Alignment. All activities geared towards core values and priorities.

4. Respect. Always a professional, mindful of God, university, the community and self.

5. Excellence. To be great at whatever it is we do and go for the best.


UCLMAA Objectives

1. Ensure alumni connection with UCLM community.

2. Develop and sustain alumni interest and concern for university affairs.

3. Provide alumni with opportunities for professional contact and social exchange.


UCLMAA Milestones

# UCLMAA ® is an institutional member of the University of Cebu Alumni Association Inc. with Securities and Exchange Commission Registration No. CN 091 000535 CE 04831.

# UCLMAA ® is a Registered Trademark recognized by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and the World Intellectual Property Organization Global Brand Database with Application No. 4/2014/00505561 filed on November 25, 2014.