by: Marie Mae P. Alcoy

College of Teacher Education

In our days of the earth
We are bind of love that looks like a wreath
A jolly and sweet kinship
Creates a nostalgic memories of friendship

Ups and down we are in one accord
Mutual hearts that serve as our sword
Conquered the darkness of the devil
Indeed our strength is revealed

A special treatment we’ve been created
An intimate love arose, not a hatred
Alike in characteristics,
Which describe our uniqueness

Even in a moment of happiness or foolish
Still a great heart been always a lavish
Make our spirits full of tenderness
That make our love endless

Just the way you are

by John Leonard Avenido

College of Marine Transportation

You don’t need to wear fancy dress or high-heeled sandal
You don’t need to mask up with deep colored make-up
You don’t need to force yourself to the things you want to belong
You don’t need to prove those things that was always wrong.

You don’t need to be smart
Just be witty
You don’t need to beg love
Just be pretty

You don’t need to argue things
Just keep silent
You don’t need to touch things
Just be the tangent

You don’t need to hate things
Just love alone
You don’t need to be a poet
Just be the poem

For the world knows that you are the one
that defines star
You are beautiful, Darling,
Just the way you are.

Sinful Scenery

by Jenny A. Pilapil

College of Teacher Education

You were the sinful scenery
I’d love to stare all day
You were the cold raindrops
I’d love to feel the chills

You got that fetching beauty
That made me feel dreary
As you remind me through your smile
He awaits you at the end of the aisle.

Can’t stop those tough tears
Escape from my sinful eyes
Then my heart rapidly beats
Like a thrumming raindrops.

You were creating a paradise
While I’m still in hell, can’t even rise
Shackled by our memories
Hemmed in within the depths.