Graduate Attributes

University of Cebu graduates is (a):

(GA1) Life-long Learner: Demonstrate skills and competencies in one’s educational level and field of discipline towards lifelong learning (IG1, IG2, IG3 & IG4).

(GA2) Effective Communicator: Exhibit proficiency in listening, speaking writing, reading and viewing (IG1 & IG4).

(GA3) Socially Accountable and Responsible: Demonstrate social accountability and ethical responsibility towards the community and the environment (IG2 & IG6).

(GA4) Team Player: Exhibit proactive and collaborative attributes in a diverse society (IG2)..



(GA5) Technically Competent: Utilize appropriate technology (IG5 & IG7).

(GA6) Ethically Responsible: Manifest ethical behaviour in diverse situations (IG2).


Core Values

These are the core values that the University of Cebu upholds:

  1. Innovation

“Be the visionary and the industry leader.’’

  1. Camaraderie

“Living in the spirit of harmony and approachability.”

  1. Alignment

“All activities geared towards core values and priorities.”

  1. Respect 

“Always a professional, mindful of God, university, the community and self.”

  1. Excellence 

“To be great at whatever it is we do and go for the best.”