(IG1) To offer programs to include Alternative Learning Systems (ALS) or non-conventional programs that are relevant and compliant with institutional, regulatory industry and accreditation standards that will develop life-long learners (M1, M2).

(IG2) To develop social awareness, responsibility and accountability among stakeholders anchored on instruction research and production (M1, M2).

(IG3) To complement the academic programs with holistic and integrated student services (M1, M2).

(IG4) To develop a pool of qualified, professional and motivated faculty in the areas of instruction, research and community extension (M2, M4).

(IG5) To ensure effective administration and supervision of instructional and learning resources in support of the academic programs (M3).

(IG6) To provide an environment that is safe, functional and conducive to teaching, learning and working (M4).

(IG7) To ensure operations which are collaborative, sustainable, efficient and effective in meeting the needs of the institution and its stakeholders (M3, M4).